Tube Fabrication / Bending

Tube fabrication and tube bending are a few of ETI’s core competencies. We pride ourselves in being one of the most recognized companies for tube bending and fabrication in the industry. Feel confident that your designs are being produced on one of our many advanced CNC tube benders by our highly skilled operators. Not only do we have an impressive line of CNC tube benders we also house many other well-known brands of tube forming machines all specially designed to meet the demands of our evolving markets. Rest assured that ETI will ensure that our tube bending and tube fabrication will provide your company; with improved Quality, better repeatability, shortened lead times, timely delivery and improve your internal efficiencies through fit and function.

ETI machines and maintains all of our own tooling, to eliminate the bottleneck so often seen by many of our competitors. Internally we have the capabilities to produce custom tooling designed in our specialized tooling department, housing an extensive line of specialized equipment and skilled staff. This allows our customers more flexibility in their tube bending designs. For you, our customer, this means that tooling costs are drastically reduced with improved lead times and ETI ensures that our high quality standards are maintained through our world class ISO9001:2015 Quality System.

Tube Bending and Tube Fabrication Image

Let our highly skilled staff work with your team during your tube bending design phase, or if you’re looking for cost savings in your current designs. Take advantage of our hundreds of years’ experience in tube bending and tube fabrication. We’ve helped many companies, just like yours, improve on their product costs and/or overall costs.

Our Tube Bending and Fabrication Capabilities

  • Custom Bends
  • Serpentine Parts
    • * ETI, can create the extremely tight radiused serpentines that you need for your ever more demanding projects.
    • * We are capable of creating serpentines with diameters as small as .125”, and as large as .750”+.
  • Flat & Offset Bends
    • * ETI can hold overall height to a minimum
    • * Can be finished as special offset bends
    • * Straight expanded or swaged ends
  • 180° Return Bends
    • * Diameters ranging from 1/8" – 3"
    • * Straight expanded and swaged ends.
    • * Copper, brass, aluminum, and cupronickel materials.
  • Extruded Return Bends
    • * Various size openings from side or top.
    • * Adaptable to soldering or automated brazing
    • * ETI is one of the largest manufacturers in the industry.
  • Copper Spun Parts
    • * Can be combined with bending and extruding
    • * Eliminates deep drawing, swaging, and solder joints.
    • * Spin down tee
    • * Roll closed capillary tube
    • * Spun down reductions
    • * Spun down Elbows.
    • * Lighting Applications
    • * Press caps
    • * Lock caps
Serpentine Parts
Tube Bending Examples

Tube Fabrication Capabilities

ETI specializes in short-to-medium run parts that require a high degree of difficulty to produce. We engineer and produce continuous tubular designs where others would require brazing, joints or connectors. This ability greatly reduces stress and failure points, increases reliability and reduces overall costs by eliminating secondary operations (less labor and material). Utilizing dedicated tooling departments at all our three locations, we use innovative methods to rapidly produce prototypes and support you in new product design and testing.

Contact us in your design phase and let us help you produce a great part!

Tube Forming - Headers and Manifolds
  • Tube Forming
    • * Infinite shapes and sizes
    • * Full, tight radius bending capabilities
    • * Elimination of brazed joints
    • * Large tool and equipment inventory
    • * Decades of practical tube forming experience.
  • Headers and Manifolds
    • * Eliminate joints, save space, reduce cost
    • * Connect several tubes together without the use of tees.
    • * Complete tool range allows for headers in many tube sizes.
    • * Inlet and Outlet openings available in a single row or double row.
    • * Holes can be staggered or parallel.
    • * Ends closed by spinning and rolling process to eliminate capping and joints.
  • Tube Milling
    • * Holes
    • * Slots
    • * Flowmill
  • Brazed Assembly
    • * Full Production brazing capabilities
    • * Engineered services and customization available.
    • * Reduced design time, production time, and expense.
    • * Fully inspected.
    • * Pressure testing upon request.
  • Connections and Distributors
    • * Wide assortment with multiple outlet configurations.
    • * Tooling available for special orders.
    • * Copper, brass, aluminum, cupronickel and stainless options
    • * Multiple end configurations available
    • * Variety of diameters, wall thicknesses, and lengths available.
  • Aluminum Formed Tubes and Assemblies
    • * Production of aluminum tubes and assemblies.
    • * Capacities include spinning, intruding, extruding, forming, bending and expanding.
    • * Most products picture on this website can be manufactured out of aluminum.
tube fabrication bending examples
tube fabrication bending examples