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Tube Bending, Forming, Milling, Extruding, Brazing Capabilities

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Tube Bending, Brazing, Extruding and More

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Years of Experience

Our team at Elkhart Tri-Went Industrial (ETI) targets difficult manufacturing opportunities that require both engineering and ingenuity. Our proprietary equipment and processes allow for continuous tubular designs and provide our customers with superior solutions. We produce from ISO-9001 certified locations, and supply critical parts for diverse complex OEM applications.

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Flexible Design and Manufacturing

Our team can help you to create more robust tubular designs and often help to cut the number of brazes in your projects. We are the metallic tube experts in the industry. ETI, can also help you by making more robust extrusions, using our Formcast™ process resulting in less porosity, less shrinkage with near net shape. We can create Formcast™ extrusions, in aluminum, copper, brass, and even stainless steel. Our process can result in up to a 30% decrease in scrap over Die Cast parts. This translates into higher throughput, great production, and less scrap. The end result is more money available for your company.

  • Higher Revenue
  • Improved Quality
  • Lower Cost
  • Fast Implementation
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Better Safety

Designed to your Exact Specifications.

Elkhart Tri-Went Industrial is your partner in assuring that the product we deliver is built to your exact design and specifications. We have worked with customers ranging from HVAC, Medical, and Defense, to the Nuclear industries, and guarantee that the parts you request are the parts that you receive, to print, on time and on schedule. Guaranteed.

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