Large Capacity Cooling Project

About the Project

ETI was approached by a major manufacturer of heat transfer equipment to assist with the design and prototype build of a new large capacity cooling unit. We were selected as the development supplier due to it’s wide breath of process capabilities and rapid to market development approach.

Project Scope

The unit required 48 specialty fabricated copper tubes, some with groove fitting connections, in the 2-4 inch diameter range.

ETI was able to provide design input to reduce the number of tube connections, improve unit efficiency, while simultaneous improving manufacturability and reducing costs. ETI involved 8 engineers across 3 disciplines

Project interaction with the customer consisted of onsite reviews and Skype meetings.

The Results

Once the design was frozen, ETI’s development team of engineering and process professionals were able to produce all 48 prototype items on time and to all customer specifications, ensuring timely completion of the first prototype unit. From initial order to delivery of all 48 skus was 6 weeks. Estimated production volume is projected to be around 80 units annually on roughly $1.0 million in annual revenue.

Estimated SOP date is April 2020